That feeling when what you’re writing sorta seems like crap or at least doesn’t have the spark some of your other stories had, but you keep writing it anyway because you’re almost at the scene you’ve been imagining for months, and if you can get that right, everything else will follow. 

I want to see a post-apocalyptic novel/story where someone with serious health issues survives the apocalypse and still has to deal with getting treatment and whatnot. Bonus drama points if the character is hiding said issues from their survival group. 

I would write it myself, but it hits a little too close to home. 

I also think that Aveline (with Donnic in tow, obviously) could be recruited as part of the Inquisition’s military force. At first I imagine she might balk a bit at being under Cullen’s command. But I think she’d loosen up as the Inquisition grew in power and Cullen showed his expertise. 

Aveline: You expect me to follow his command? After Kirkwall? [Cocks her chin towards Cullen.]

Inquisitor: Indeed I do. 

Aveline: [Huffs] Very well. Stranger things are happening.

I have a lot of ideas. Just like I had ideas about what ME2 companions would be doing in 3.  Maybe I’ll just resort to fanfic after DA:I is out.


colored :D


colored :D

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I was just thinking about how DA2 companions might show up in Inquisition. Then it struck me that Bethany could totally be at the Mage/Templar peace conference at the beginning of the game. She may not be the Hawke Cassandra wanted to solve everything, but she was there at the beginning and saw both Orsino and Meredith go crazy. Bethany would also be a moderate voice.

I think that would be cool. But I’d also want her to survive or leave before everything exploded. 

I’m kinda curious how all the 2012 centered doomsday preppers re-accessed their theories when the year passed and nothing happened.  

I’m completely pro-mage, but at some point one of my Inquisitors will sentence a mage to tranquility. It’s really horrible, but I’m curious as to whether the process of making someone tranquil might be shown. 

I’m thinking my archer Adaar will probably be the one to do it. He’s suspicious of magic in general and may consider tranquility and mouth sewing necessary evils. It will be easier for my Adaar and myself if the mage facing judgement did something super atrocious. 

Watching Doomsday Preppers on Netflix. My favorite part about it is that the Bunker Full of Food and Supplies trope so popular in Apocalyptic Fiction has become reality. If the world ends, I could be going through someone’s yard and stumble upon a garage or buried supply crate that’s full of food and other stuff. 

Day 127: Still checking my email eagerly as if a code to the Keep might be there

I probably need to change my url. Since I’m now regularly around cigarettes I can’t even handle them as some easy metaphor for self-destruction. They’re disgusting and I no longer want to put my characters through the ordeal of smoking them.