All I want out of DA:I MP is the ability to see what other people named their characters. It would add so much to my RP experience.

Random theory that has no basis in anything: Cadash dreams for the first time after gaining Fade powers.

Then promptly freaks out and has to have a companion explain what happened. 


hes so beautiful


hes so beautiful

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With Varric out of the equation I would be surprised if the last two options were anything other than Vivienne and Solas. I’m totally alright with being proven wrong, though. Blackwall would be cool. 

Of course the “romances” in SR4 would be a joke. 

…But I kinda wish they weren’t, or didn’t involve no effort at all. Shaundi is totally my Boss’s wife. 

  • Thales Trevelyan (Mage) - Dorian
  • Basalit Adaar (Archer Rogue) - Josephine
  • Helga Cadash (Warrior) - Sera
  • Juan Rico Trevelyan, who is based after one of my Shepards (Warrior or Rogue) - Cassandra
  • Naramier Lavellan, based after a racist ranger elf I played in Pathfiner (Rogue) - Iron Bull 
  • Rhea Lavellan (Mage) - Solas, if available. 
  • Rowena Trevelyan or a Lady!Adaar - Cullen

All my planned Inquisitors. 

Even though the background says otherwise, I headcanon that Thales didn’t show magical abilities until rather late. Late enough that he was already being trained to take over the family business. I kinda hope there is nothing excessively detailed about Trevelyan’s lineage, because I also headcanon that they recently bought their way into nobility by being majorly successful merchants. Thales loves to talk, but could listen to Dorian all day. 

Basalit wanted to see the world, so being part of a mercenary group works really well for him. I imagine that he and his family moved around rather frequently to avoid scrutiny and fear. Basalit’s father trained him with a bow fairly early on, just in case they ever got separated and Bas needed to survive on his own. Bas can’t think of fighting with anything else and hunting is his favorite past time. As is traveling, though in the back of his mind, Bas is always searching for a reason to stay. Josephine might be that reason. 

Helga doesn’t particularly like where she is in life. But birth and her name are a demand upon her person and so she does as she must. Mostly this involves stealing Lyrium and using brute force whenever things go bad. Having heard tales of city elves escaping to the Dalish, Helga sometimes imagines she might escape to Orzammar. Of course, none of this matters. Helga balks when sent to spy on the humans. Eventually, she meets Sera and wonders how it’s possible she had that much laughter inside of herself. 

Juan Rico is a by the book soldier, waking up at 5am to pray and train with his weapon. Though family members are part of the priesthood and Templars, he doesn’t feel he has much stock in the conflict. Magic is a thing best left alone, The Fade a place he prefers not to contemplate too heavily. Cassandra is a kindred spirit who he’d defend with his life. 

Naramier will lose none of his racism in the transition from Pathfinder to DA:I. (Seriously, he wrote an anti-human manifesto while his party camped.) His thinking is a case of fighting for equality turning to outright hate. He can’t stand the thought of his kind being enslaved and treated like thieving vagabonds. Thus, Naramier jumps at the chance to be a spy. All he can think about is that his people need to fight back. All he can see in humans are weaknesses, faults, and abuses of power. Iron Bull softens Naramier somewhat and teaches him not to be so wound up. 

Rhea loves the Keeper as if she were her mother. Together they practice magic and work to preserve the history of their people. Rhea has no particular opinion on humans, though she hears some of the more outspoken clan members decry the so-called shemlen. When asked to be a spy, Rhea argues. Her place is here. If anything she should be helping to defend the clan. But the Keeper is persuasive and makes it a personal favor that Rhea can’t refuse. In Solas, she finds intelligence and a reserved nature, both admirable qualities. 

Playing Cards Against Humanity online is pretty predictable. If the white card has anything to do with sex it’s going to win. 

If Jowan had a friendship/rivalry bar, I would max out rivalry in the mage origin alone. I enjoy being a total ass to him and cutting down the assumed friendship. 


ideal relationship: we maintain idle conversation while playing separate video games

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When I imagine Solas talking, all I hear is Orsino. Bioware could’ve given Solas Orsino’s voice and I wouldn’t have complained at all.