princeofseattle asked: where did you watch freier fall?

I rented it from Itunes.

Arrow Season 2, Episode 19: The Man Under the Hood

All I have to say is thank you, John Diggle, for putting some bullets into Isabel Rochev. 

Laurel and the science nerds were also awesome. 

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I really should stop daydreaming about stories and just immediately start writing them when I have an idea. The longer I daydream about one, the larger my expectation of perfection becomes, which the execution always fails to meet.

Arrow Season 2, Episode 18: Deathstroke.

Yeah, I’m late. Read more, ‘cause it got really long. 

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kinda want to write a story about a major league soccer player whose game performance improves when he knows a particular dude is in the stands. Then they make out after the game and there’s some conflict about success and being in a relationship with someone who is better at life than you. 

don’t care how cheesy that is. but that might also require me to describe the game, which I’d be terrible at.

i wish i were a musician so i could make a hipsterish video with sunsets, me and my bandmates driving somewhere, and a packed house party where everyone’s jumping around to the beat of the music. there’d probably be some hand-holding and a kiss somewhere in there too. bonus points if it’s obviously in california

apparently I’ll roleplay all the video games even if it’s not an RPG

like yes custom soccer player from Fifa 14, let me imagine what your life is like now that you’re a major league player. let me imagine how you find the attention baffling and how you were overly anxious about scoring your first goal